Marrakech or the Red City of Morocco, because of the Walls and houses color, builted by Almoravid Dinasty and they made it them capital in 1062, Marrakech means in Berber language Amur n Okush which mean the Land of God and its the 3th biggest city in Morocco after Casablanca and Fes. Located in the front of High Atlas Mountains which its the second Highest in Afrika (Toubkal Summit 4167m), it’s in a few hours from the sahara desert  Marrakech city its separated into 2 parts, the first part its new Medina which is European modern style, modern restaurant and hotels, fast food, and second part its Old Medina the historical part and full of interwining narrow passageways and local shops very dicorated and very nice Riads for accomodation, which you can explore the most sightseeing exotic place of marrakech such as Jamaa Lfna place and Koutoubia Menaret.
Guided Desert Morocco Arranging in advance your hotel and pick you up at the airport is one of the easiest ways, especially for first time visitors.
We offers several ways to see Marrakech sightseeings and to explore the red city of Morocco, the old medina and new medina, as we offer other Morocco tours from Marrakech.

Things to do in Marrakech:

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