trekking in moroccoTrekking in the Atlas Montagne and Desert Sahara of Morocco.
Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness.”
Morocco it has a great Atlas Mountains and Desert Sahara are some of the most beautiful and interesting areas of the world to visit. As they are often not served by roads, they can also be the most remote and difficult places to get to and the only real way to see them is on foot. For some people the trekking may be an end in itself, for others it is a means to enjoy the magnificent panoramas and often the peoples of the mountains and Desert Sahara with their culture, traditions and religions provide an equal interest to the scenery.
Guided Desert Morocco offer you an amazing opportunities to explore and discove the deep of Morocco. With us you will have a chance to climb the first High Atals Montains peak in the North Africa and it’s the second highest in all Afrika.Crossing the big Sahara Desert of Morocco, We will arrange and organise you a bespoke Hiking trip where ever you want in Morocco in any time of the year, or you could take advantage of one of our pre-packaged Trips.
Why with us :
– We are graduates of the training center for Mountain Guides in Morocco (Centre de Formation Aux Metiers de Montagne CFAMM).
– Our leaders and guides have undertaken the Wilderness First Aid Medical Course. They are competent to deal with any adverse situations from diarrhoea to acute Mountain Sickness.
– Your safety is our number one priority above everything else.
– We are ecologically aware and will not do anything to damage the beautiful environment they live in. This place is our home.
– We are good listeners. Understanding people the intereset of our Clients.